25 Out Of 30 Spots Taken

30 Spots Only: Let Me Help You Build Your Own TRAFFIC MACHINE Generating Minimum 3,000 FREE Visitors a Month In The Next 60 Days

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With This Coaching + Training Package, We Will Build Your Site Together And Get You 3,000+ FREE Visitors Per Month in the Next 60 Days!

25 Out Of 30 Spots Taken

Hey guys, this is Greg Kononenko.

You might already know me from my blog DadsHustle.com.

In 2007, I started looking for a way to build a great future for my family.

I just got married, and we were both pretty much broke...

We had no idea how we were ever going to be able to afford a house. We wanted to start a family, but we didn't know where to get the money to send our children to a good school.

That's how I got started with internet marketing.

After years of failing, I finally found various ways of making money online. And my favourite way is by having niche websites (also called blogs).

For example, I recently started my latest blog DadsHustle.com. It's only 6 months old, but look how many visitors it has already had... All these visitors are from FREE TRAFFIC:

And here is another site of mine, travelcroc.com, in the travel niche. All visitors here are also FREE TRAFFIC:

That's 75,000+ FREE PAGEVIEWS that I have generated in the past 6 months alone from just TWO of my sites. And I have several more sites in other niches.

All of this traffic is AUTOMATIC and is 100% FREE. Some days I get over 3,000 visitors to all my sites combined, and I don't have to do anything to generate this traffic.

Plus, this traffic just KEEPS GROWING.

And, it keeps making me money, on complete Autopilot:

Now YOU Can Skip Years Of Learning & Get Results Like This Yourself!

Truth is... Anyone can do it.

Are you sick of spinning your wheels, trying to get traffic, and not getting anywhere online?

I was exactly like that. I am not special in any way. The only thing I've got going for me is that I've persisted and refused to give up till I figured this out.

Now I want to share this with you. I want to show you a powerful FREE TRAFFIC SHORTCUT which took me YEARS to figure out.

Even if you're a total newbie... Even if you've never made a cent online...

THIS will help you FINALLY start your your own successful website, get your first 1,000+ FREE VISITORS, and start making passive, residual income.


25 Out Of 30 Spots Taken


Where were you in your online business 60 days ago? Probably same place as you are now, right? Still not getting much traffic and not making much money...

Well, in 60 days from now - everything can change. And you can be in a position where you're getting 100's of visitors to your site, EVERY DAY, for FREE.

And if I was a complete newbie right now, I would want someone to show me the way.


I would want to build a passive, ever-growing asset (my blog)... So that I can stop jumping from system to system and FINALLY be able to FOCUS and GET RESULTS.

Hear It From Others...

Does this actually work for everyone?

Yes! I opened a few spots in April 2017, and even though it's been less than 60 days, those students are actually getting the results already:

Imagine If YOU Could Pull in 3,000 Pageviews a Day, For FREE?

Would 3,000 daily pageviews help with your online business?

My guess is that it would help you tremendously. Because traffic is the hardest thing to generate, and you will FINALLY know how to do it, in any niche.

Plus, the way you will get traffic is AUTOMATED, and you don't have to do a single thing, except keep growing your blog, and get MORE and MORE traffic each month.

So what is this all about?

It is NOT about paid traffic - you don't need a budget for traffic, all traffic will be FREE...

It is NOT about YouTube videos...

It is NOT about Fiverr...

So What Is Inside "3,000+ FREE Monthly Visitors In 60 Days From Now"?

Here is a quick overview of what's inside:

  • 6 Weeks Group Coaching To Build Your Blog and Your Own "Traffic Machine" Generating 3,000+ Free Visitors EVERY MONTH!

This is a structured 6-week program.

Every week, you will get: Weekly Videos, Weekly Assignments and live FAQ calls. During this time, I will show you every single step of what you need to do to build your successful blog generating 3,000+ FREE visitors every single day!

  • 6 Weeks' 1-on-1 Call Access To Me

"Office Hours" 1:1 access to me - once a week, during a set time, you can call me directly, and ask me anything you want related to this training. I will help you 1 on 1. I will cater to all timezones. See FAQ at the bottom to learn more about how it works.

  • 6 Weeks' Assignments So You Know What To Do Every Week

I will give you assignments so that you know what to do every week. I will provide all support materials so that you know how to do every step.

  • 6 Weeks' Live Q&A (Questions and Answers)

In addition to the 1:1 time, I will answer your questions LIVE during group coaching calls and you can ask me anything. If you can't make a session, you can send in your questions beforehand or afterwards, and I will answer them.

  • The SECRET Source Of Traffic I Have Mastered

I will show you how to get traffic in ANY niche from this SECRET social network that noone else is using right now. It gets traffic in almost any niche you can think of. It's FREE and you can get traffic in a completely automated way. It's pretty awesome.

  • All Technical Steps To Set Up a Beautiful Blog

By the end of it you will have an amazingly looking, fresh blog. You will FINALLY have an asset online which is constantly growing in authority, and getting more and more traffic every single month!

  • 30+ Modules Of Video Training

Access to all the training you can possibly need, walking you through every step of the process of building your site and getting free traffic to it.

  • Lifetime Access to DadsHustle Inner Circle

To succeed online, you will need to have a strong network of like-minded individuals with same goals. You will get lifetime access to DadsHustle Inner Circle, where bloggers just like you will want to work with you, help each other out, and succeed together. And through that Inner Circle, you can stay in touch with me.

Ok, So What Will I Have At The End Of 6 Weeks?

After we finish the program, if you do all of the assigned tasks, here is what you can expect:

  • A well-designed niche blog, in a profitable niche
  • 500+ Followers On Social Media
  • 50-300+ FREE Daily Targeted Visitors To Your Blog
  • Making Money From Ads and Affiliate Links, With FREE Traffic
  • FINALLY, you will have a BLUEPRINT and an online ASSET... You will finally know what to do and how to succeed

This is a "hold you by the hand" program which can help you:

If you have never succeeded online, this will be the 1st time you get traffic and sales.

If you are already moderately successful, this will show you how to consistently drive 100 - 1,000+ targeted visitors to your site for FREE, every single day.

There Are ONLY 30 SPOTS And Once They're Gone, It's Closed...

As you can imagine, it will take a LOT of my time to deliver group coaching, and to do the 1-on-1 "office hours" calls...

And to make sure that I can help everyone inside the DadsHustle Inner Circle group.

So, I cannot take more than 30 people for this program. After the 30 spots are taken, the program will close for several months.

25 Out Of 30 Spots Taken

You Get 60 Days Money Back Guarantee..

I know this stuff works.

So I am doing something unprecedented.

I am giving you a full 60-day money back guarantee. Which means, you can complete my whole program, and if you don't get results you can ask for your money back AFTER you complete the whole program.

So, there is no risk for you. All risk is on me.

If you're not happy for any reason whatsoever, simply ask for your money back within 60 days after purchase. And I will refund you.

Now It's YOUR Time To Get Results Like This...

I have perfected the formula.

I have built several sites in several niches using this formula.

I have shown it to several of my close friends who are now enjoying passive traffic and profits.

And now I want to share it with you. Remember, there are ONLY 30 SPOTS available.

25 Out Of 30 Spots Taken

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When does the program start?

You will get instant access to training. We will start LIVE CALLS on Monday the 29th of May 2017. However, you get access to the materials INSTANTLY. The program will go for 6 weeks. You will have lifetime access to the mastermind.

  • What if I can't attend live calls?

We will be having weekly live calls where I will be presenting and answering questions. Calls will take place at 8pm US EST on Mondays, for approximately 60-90 minutes. Everything will be recorded and made available to you. If you cannot attend the live call, that's completely OK - you will just watch the recording. You can still ask me questions 1-on-1 during the "Office Hours" time as well as in the Facebook Group.

  • How does 1-1 coaching work?

You will have direct access to me during OFFICE HOURS every week. I cater to all timezones and provide 3 windows during the week which suit all hours.

In US Eastern time, the bookable times are: 6pm - 8am EST (8am - 10pm Sydney, Australian Eastern time).

I will also provide unlimited 1-1 chat support on Skype and Facebook. It may not be instant, but generally I reply within 24 hours or quicker... I may be asleep when you message 🙂 But I will reply shortly after I am awake.

You can ask me questions, validate what you're doing, seek clarity on anything you need.

I set aside up to 1 hour per person, per call per week. These are done at your request - if you don't need me, we don't do the call. If you need the call - you can let me know and we get on the call. And if you need more time, I will always make the time.

  • Why should I sign up?

Because you will learn how to generate FREE TRAFFIC, and how to build your own website that will get that traffic for you. These are the foundations of online marketing. Having an authority website is exactly how the big underground marketers make money. You get the traffic, you send it to Adsense ads or to affiliate offers, you build a list, you make money.

  • Which niches can this work in?

I will help you choose a niche. It works in almost every niche you can think of. Dogs, Hairstyles, Weddings, Gifts, Computers, Geek Toys, Online Marketing, anything you can think of. We will go through the process of making sure there's enough money to be made.

  • Are there any upsells?

No 🙂 You get everything with one purchase.

  • Other questions?

Please contact me via this page with your question and I will get back to you:


25 Out Of 30 Spots Taken